What is the Memories feature of Google Photos and how it works

The more you use the popular service, the more photos you probably have stored in your account. Despite the helpful Google Photos search engine algorithms, it can sometimes be difficult to find an album or image. This is why the company is ready with a new functionality called “Memories” and was created with the idea to help us remember the exciting memories and moments of the past.


This way, users will be able to view photos and videos they have taken in previous years at the top of their Google Photos gallery. Each of us will have a variety of options to optimize the way this feature works. Selection is performed by Google machine learning algorithms that are optimized to improve quality and remove blurred objects from the frames.

For example, there is a way to choose not to show one in a collection for a certain period of time. If you don’t like the content in Google Memories, you can block the feature from the settings menu. It’s important to know that photo selection is only available to you, and you can only give other people access to the frames you choose. Google Photos offers additional options for sharing and printing photos.

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