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What do you see when you search yourself or your brand on Google? Are you being represented justly? What actions should you take so that your Online Reputation is managed in a fair order?

Online Reputation Management is the process of estimating, observing, following, and making useful discussions about your brand, professional and personal identity, on the internet.


Online Reputation Management has turned into a fundamental component of any brand reputation management. Securing a brand picture is the most critical thing an organization needs to do. In the present reality, organizations are relentlessly falling prey to negative scam claims that drastically harm their reputation. Negative comments topple the online reputation of your business which prompt a negative effect to your credibility and result in critical loss of sales, and perhaps of the business itself. Therefore, it is important to keep a record of what people are saying about you online and then take steps to correct any discrepancies.


Having being worked with clients across the globe, XenelSoft has emerged as the leading Online Reputation Management, SEO service provider, SMO, and PPC Company. While others confuse reputation management with only generating positive feedback and overcoming the negative ones, we understand that it is also about building the brand synonymous with the core values of the company.

We understand the relationship between online reputation and related factors, which help us, develop a comprehensive strategy to suit your business requirements. Along with delivering the best ORM services and digital marketing services, we maintain the complete confidentiality of the client.


ORM services can help you reach your business goals faster

Google search results leave an immense impact on a company’s products and services. It also influences the decision of customers or users to a great extent. Customers also use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to search about a product or services, and how a company portrays itself online strategically influences customers’ decision-making process.Therefore, the best ORM service provider can help you promote positive assessments of your product and remove the damaging ones to boost ranking and sales.

How XenelSoft’s ORM services help-

With digitalization at its peak, businesses are using up their finances to build up their online presence as everyone is influenced by online marketing. As the Internet is easily accessible for people, more than 80% of businesses are using digital marketing strategies according to the trend created by this digital world.Check out the numerous benefits of hiring an ORM service provider agency:
  • Build credibility among consumers
A decent ORM strategy helps with trust-building and increases an emotional bond between the business and its consumers. An online reputation management company helps develop positive reviews and feedback on social media platforms. And in this way, it does word-to-mouth advertising that ensures the credibility of your business.
  • Helps to remove negative publicity
Negative reviews can harm the reputation of your business. It is one of the reasons behind poor search engine rankings. You can hire the best ORM Services agency to solve this issue. They can create positive links and engage in strategic content marketing, which will bring down your negative advertisement from the top SERP of Search engines.
  • Increased online visibility and sales
ORM services by experts can enhance your website visibility in search engines naturally with intelligent tactics. No doubt, once you get higher visibility, you will get more customers, as well.

How to remove bad reviews from Google

Removing bad reviews & Brand reputation management is crucial for the growth of your business. Discussions about your brand via Online media, online discussions forum, web journals, news locales, and other Web sources occur every day, making your business visible. A positive brand image online increases customer confidence, builds loyalty, improves trust, and ultimately drives sales.It is an essential fact that we all are more receptive to negative news than positive. Therefore, most customers look for online reviews before ordering a product. Online Reputation Management services help reduce the damages of unwanted Google results by suppressing negative feedback. Professional agencies also help in protecting, enhancing, & authenticating brand names, services, and revenues.

Professional ORM company recommend simple steps to reduce bad reviews from Google

  • Don’t panic when you find a negative review about your company online.
  • Analyze the situation and respond quickly to the complaints.
  • Rectify the situation smartly by evaluating if the review is fake. Flag it for removal if it’s fake.
  • Stay confident.
After all these steps are done, you can loosen up a little, but remember again, one or two negative reviews about your company can pop up anytime. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes open or hire the Best Online reputation management services that can provide tailor-made solutions after analyzing your needs and requirements by using powerful ORM tools.

Top Online reputation management tips from the Best ORM services experts

To create an impactful presence of your brand online, focus on the products of your brand first. Remember, customers are interested in your merchandise. Therefore, concentrating on the marketing of your product can make your brand flourish.
  • Boost the visibility of your product
Develop social media profiles, website design & development, and other forms of SEO related content of your product to boost your ORM.
  • Keep track of your social media accounts
Engaging your potential customers by filling your social media with quantity content and relevant stories can intensify your impact online to a great extent.
  • Generate and respond to online reviews
Encourage your loyal customers to talk about your brand and give their feedback on different social media platforms. Besides, online reputation management also depends on how you reply to negative reviews. Therefore, instead of ignoring the negative reviews, address them by coming to a mutual solution via phone call or apologizing
  • Avoid online arguments
Never indulge in an online debate no matter who started the dispute or who is right. Now, this is because an online debate is unprofessional and can hamper the image of your brand. Therefore, not losing your composure will help you to maintain your online reputation.
  • Make real amends when needed
Mistakes are bound to happen at some point, so focus on handling it efficiently when it does. It is vital to accept your mistakes and make a sincere apology to your customers. Remember, an apology followed by amends can repair a professional relationship faster.
  • Invest in ORM
ORM is an essential part of the digital marketing service strategy. However, your in-house team is not always aware of how to do it. Therefore, it is smart to get help from an online reputation management agency because your brand’s reputation is worth the investment.
  • Create a future-oriented long term plan
ORM services do not focus on a short-term fix. A reliable ORM strategy is one that focuses on a long-term problem. A well-qualified ORM agency like us offers strategic marketing techniques to create a strong reputation globally.
  • Broaden your internet presence
Today, businesses have to show interest in numerous platforms that offer unique benefits to their websites to enhance their online presence. You can consider using the ‘Big three’ Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to reach customers effortlessly. If you don’t have the time to do it, hiring a professional would be the best.Learn More

Online reputation management statistics for this year

You will be surprised to know that 3 out of 4 customers today purchase an item online if it has positive reviews. Additionally, it is evident in surveys how 49% of customers search for a four-star rating while choosing a product or service. Besides, it is further obvious that companies with below-average ratings fail to convert customers. However, only a one-star Yelp rating causes a rise of 9% revenue in the business. Check out a few more eye-opening stats of 2021.

ORM services stats you must know

Online reputation management services can make or break your business dreams more than you think. To get a clear understanding, take a look at these recent statistics.
  • Stats show that 90% of customers are influenced by positive reviews while making a purchasing decision.
  • Nearly 65% of internet users trust online search results for finding information about companies.
  • 86% of internet users research online about products, and 79% of them trust both personal recommendations and online reviews

ORM services offered by XenelSoft

At XenelSoft, we believe that the best ORM company services go beyond developing positive reviews. We will help you build a reputation that makes a brand similar to its values. Our services include-
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • PPC services etc.,
Take a look at what our service experts will do for you:
  • Fix unwanted Google results and revamp your brand image
  • Restrict the negative press, unfavorable news, complaints and clean up your brand name
  • Optimize your social media, find and delete posts that can be considered unprofessional and might hurt your reputation
  • Minimize your risks of brand damage by using industry-standard tools
  • Boost your positive visibility and monitor your reputation to guarantee you a better future
Therefore, with us, you pick the best ORM service provider to upgrade your business.

Get the most reasonable online reputation management services

You can hire ORM service providers like us if:
  • You are a company that does not have adequate time or proper resources to analyze its backlinks
  • If you are among those small businesses that cannot distinguish between decent and harmful links
  • If your business is in dire need of removing bad links and optimize them with new quality links
  • If you are losing business and don’t know why
  • If your in-house team is wasting their time and on hopeless SEO or ORM strategies that are not working

ORM Tools that Improve Brand Reputation visibly

    • Google Alerts
Google Alerts is a platform used either for monitoring your brand or for content creation.
    • Social mention
Social Mention helps you measure, track, and enhance your brand’s reputation by monitoring more than 80 social media sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Tracku
Tracku is another useful ORM tool that offers full monitoring of all social media platforms and mainstream news sites, insights like keyword discovery, latest trends, and influence scoring.
    • Sentione
Sentione gives you access not only to real-time data but lets you track mentions of your brand, social profiles, or other keywords, as well.
    • Reputology
As a monitoring and review management platform for multi-location businesses, Reputology helps companies monitor their reviews online.
    • TweetBeep
Just like Google Alerts, TweetBeep is a Twitter alerts tool. It enables you to get email alerts whenever someone tweets about your website, company, service, or products.
    • BlogPulse
Popular as a blog search engine with numerous complementary tools such as Conversion Tracker & Trend Search, BlogPulse is a comprehensive tool for analyzing data.
    • Reputation Health
The software helps in online review monitoring & reputation management for physicians. Reputation Health allows doctors to monitor 23 review sites, including Dr. Score, UcompareHealthcare Health Grades, and Vitals.
    • Brand24
Brand24 is an internet monitoring and social CRM platform, which helps you to collect real-time social media data. It empowers you to keep track of online comments made about your brand.
    • Chatmeter
Chatmeter helps businesses to collect and evaluate customer feedback and enhance the customer experience. It has tools that allow companies to spy on their local competitors & learn from their activities. Their widget enables businesses to share reviews from external sites on your website as well.

How will you benefit from our ORM services?

    • Transparency and better consumer engagement
Maintaining transparency and quality of its product and services is imperative for every business. Credible ORM services help to grab the attention of your potential customers with ease.
    • Improves SERPs with the help of the Best ORM Services agency
An ORM service provider agency strategizes to spread positive reviews about your business. They grab the attention of your audiences strategically. Result? The more positive reviews you have online, the more likely your audience is to search for your business online, which naturally boosts web traffic.
      • Profitable marketing tactic to attract customers and enhance recruitment
A well-organized ORM can take your business name to the top list in Google searches. When your brand name goes up the google search list, customers will increase, leading to higher profitability for your business. Plus, once your company has a better brand image, more people would want to get recruited.Hiring an ORM Services agency for your business is budget-friendly and costs you lesser than what you spend on your advertising team. At XenelSoft, we have various customized packages for both small businesses and large firms.

Frequently Asked Questions about ORM Services

A professional ORM Company employs experts who have been trained to analyze and look for even the smallest bits of inappropriate content that may be present on your website. Furthermore, they review your customer reviews for you and give the appropriate response wherever necessary while carefully planning the impact the said response will have; when responding to a positive review, gratitude shows the customers friendliness and encourages further interaction, while giving too much justification on a negative review can bring too much attention to that review and make it regrettably too noticeable.We at XenelSoft, along with being content experts, also have a working knowledge of the levels of transparency and customer interaction that need to be maintained to win over their trust.
Yes, Online Reputation Management, when executed properly, will have a positive impact on the overall growth of your business. At XenelSoft, our qualified reputation managers will work to improve your online image, which is perhaps the best marketing tool in today’s digital age where online search results and presented information influences both online and offline businesses; this will, in turn, determine your conversion rates and business growth by making sure the public image of your company is such that people want business interactions with you, and this will have a direct impact on profit generation.
Honestly, if a company charges too little for their Online Reputation Management Services, the results will probably be far from desirable. Online reputation managers give their undivided attention to their projects and analyze each aspect of your online presence meticulously while formulating how to improve it. The time and effort that goes into the job make it worth every penny you pay for it.However, your ORM service experience can be made cost-efficient by choosing customized plans that our customer-oriented approach at XenelSoft allows us to present. You have full autonomy of precisely which services to choose and when.
The ORM services that companies provide are subject to requirements. The time it takes your service provider to fix a damaged reputation depends mostly on the extent of the said damage and the efficiency of the service provider you choose. Sometimes a reputation manager may have to make some changes and then wait for them to play out and observe the reaction of your target audience and move further accordingly.Expecting your reputation to go from bad to great as soon as you hire an ORM service would be absurd, as such changes need to be gradual to be truly complete. At XenelSoft, we endeavor to be time-efficient and can promise results at the best possible pace.
OMR experts do not simply wipe off the negative reviews to improve your reputation because they cannot; if you find a company that claims it can repair your online reputation by simply removing all the negative reviews, it is a scam. Not even the Best ORM Services Agency can accomplish that. However, what we at XenelSoft do takes precision, planning, and knowledge; if maintaining the image you wish to present was as simple as just removing the comments that criticize you, it would be grossly unfair to the customers.

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