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Healthcare Digital Marketing & Medical SEO for Doctors

Meet DR. Sagar Verma (LifeStyle Physicians, LLC) Alexandria Pike, Warrenton, VA

As a doctor, better online visibility gives you a better chance to grow and help more patients.

As a medical provider/Doctor, you know what is best for your patients, but do you also know the best ways to reach out to your audience and how to get more patients online?

Even the best doctors and clinics' miss out on their marketing needs, which means many patients looking for help might miss getting to the right address.

Marketing for the medical field is not the same as for any other retail business. Marketing for Medical providers is more concentrated on digital marketing strategies now than ever before.

Promote Your Brand With A Healthcare Marketing Agency

Search drives three times more visitors to hospital sites compared to non-search. It indicates how dependent patients and visitors are on internet search engines to choose their doctors. Moreover, 94% of patients use online reviews to evaluate healthcare providers. It means that if you do not improve your digital presence, you could end up losing out on the chance to grow and help more patients. This is where medical digital marketing services step in.

What is healthcare/medical SEO?

Like every other SEO service, healthcare SEO services aim to increase your website's ranking and visibility on search engines. It improves website traffic and helps the hospital, healthcare centre, or the doctor gain more patients for their services.

Medical SEO is of two types - on-site technical SEO and off-site techniques.
On-site techniques concentrate on keywords, meta tags and site speed to improve website rankings.
Off-site sources include press releases, blogs and articles, and healthcare directories, etc.

What are the benefits of medical SEO for doctors?

With changing times, being an efficient doctor does not guarantee a successful practice. Online marketing for doctors, including physician digital marketing, has become significant if you aim to reach out to a broad patient base. Therefore, medical SEO has several benefits for doctors.

  • Increases visibility
  • The majority of internet users click on the first few search results. They rarely make it to page two. If your website doesn't appear on the first page, there is a high chance you won't be getting enough viewer traffic. With the right medical digital marketing service providers you can improve your website visibility in search engines. It guarantees an increased number of visits to your facility.

  • It boosts patient confidence
  • If your patient reviews are not reliable, you could end up losing patients. Trust is a crucial foundation between the doctor and the patient.

    With the right digital marketing services for doctors, you can rise the ranks of search engines like Google, Bing and Firefox. It improves patient confidence in your services.

  • Cost-effective
  • Healthcare digital marketing companies charge expensively. However, with the digital revolution, SEO has become a foolproof method to market your products without adding to the expenditure. It also improves your ROI (Return on Investment) and helps produce targeted marketing for your products and services. This economical method is a one-stop solution for all your marketing troubles.

What is the process of our healthcare SEO services?

The right healthcare digital marketing company reviews every aspect of your services before they market it. At Xenelsoft, we offer three service categories - for new practices, for 1-3 years, and more than three years of practice. Each focuses on different targets. We review and understand your services. We provide solutions for content marketing, SEO keywords, technical audit, social media optimisation, paid media and monthly reporting.

Once you decide on the service you want, we connect you to our experts who then provide the best solutions for your digital marketing.

Why do our medical SEO services outperform other agencies?

Choosing your medical SEO agency with the utmost care and caution is imperative. This decision could end up making or breaking your practice!

  • Xenelsoft continues to be one of the top healthcare marketing agencies across the globe. We specialise in medical digital marketing services with specialised packages designed exclusively for your practice.
  • Our services are vast. From technical SEO to PPC Services, medical domain link building and social media optimisation, our company provides versatile services.
  • Our dedicated medical SEO service team comprises some of the best experts in the field of medical SEO. Each expert is extensively trained and highly skilled.
  • Perhaps our selling point lies in our contracts. We do not insist on long-term contracts. Our clients can choose to opt for short-term contracts to test our services and check if we match their requirements.

How long does healthcare SEO take to work?

SEO is a late bloomer. For a brand new medical website, it takes approximately four months to 1 year to establish an online presence. For existing practices, 1-3 months are sufficient to improve website traffic. The right healthcare SEO services provider can shorten this time by nearly 1 to 2 months. Remember, SEO is a long-term investment and patience is the key with this marketing strategy.

What are some SEO strategies for healthcare practices?

There are several SEO strategies for healthcare practices. Choosing the right SEO for healthcare providers could end up taking you up the ranks of search engines within a short period.

  • SEO Audit
  • It includes improving factors such as page speed, site security, page content, broken Internet linking and on-page SEO structure.

  • Medical website design
  • This strategy drastically changes user experience for effective SEO. It includes website structure, page speed optimisation, keyword ranking, bounce rate, meta descriptions, title tags and search tracking integration.

  • Backlink building
  • It includes improving content, tracking and analytics, integrating videos and infographics in articles and guest blogging. Online review generation is also an excellent method to build backlinks and streamline website reviews.

Modern Advertising Tools for online marketing

There are endless tools available to help doctors with online marketing. Your healthcare SEO agency will help you choose the right one for your services.

  • Content marketing tools
  • Digital marketing relies heavily on content. Therefore, it is always smart to invest in some content creation and improvement tools such as Copyscape and Grammarly. They help you improve your content quality and ensure plagiarism-free articles.

  • Social media
  • Social media marketing is indispensable for SEO. Tools such as Instagram, Twitter, HootSuite and Buffer help automate your social media posting on multiple platforms. Using the right keyword and tag also gains viewers for your services.

  • Website testing and analytics

No digital marketing is complete without analysis reports. Tools such as Google Analytics, HotJar and Google Search Console provide data and troubleshooting solutions to ensure the best representation of your website on search engines.

Steps to successful SEO services for doctors

Medical SEO can get quite time-consuming if you do not receive help from medical digital marketing companies. With the aid of medical SEO service providers, you can establish your practice successfully in the online market.

  • Create a mobile-friendly website. Most people use their phones to view websites or apps. They also look for quick website loading. Avoid using larger images which can slow down your site. Use headings such as About Us, Our services, call-to-action, contact us page and a home button.
  • Add content that is easy to read. Viewers tend to skip large paragraphs. Opt for bullet points and highlight your services for the convenience of your readers.
  • Display reviews or customer testimonials. It improves the reader's confidence in your services and products.
  • The contact page should provide a form by which the reader can contact you. Link your social media as well to build a social presence. Healthcare SMO agencies can help you with this task.
  • Add blogs and other content to your website. It is the primary factor which will drive your SEO. It will also improve your rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Focus on link building to establish your website domain.

For new practitioners, SEO digital marketing can be nerve-wracking. With healthcare digital marketing agencies like XenelSoft, rest assured that your website is in the right hands. With our excellent service quality and delivery, we promise you an evergreen online presence. Contact us and get your medical SEO service today!

71% of people search for Medical Providers online.

Our highly customized & medical centered digital healthcare marketing programs convert those searches to patients.

*Health Online, Pew Research Center,
Susannah Fox and Maeve Duggan

    Expand your online presence, and reach more patients across the web and attract more patients on social media –

  • Medical SEO for Doctors - We help you drive targeted Google Traffic.
  • Get more patients online - We help you build out targeted content to attract relevant visitors.
  • Expert link - Building services to drive up authority of your website.

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Reach your maximum potential with our highly customized,
Medical concentrated digital marketing programs.

Healthcare SEO & Medical Digital Marketing Programs

For 1-2-3 years of active practice


3+ years PRO practitioners

Game Changer

Massive branding & attract more patients/lead through Social Media, Search & Email

get started
7+ Medical Services included
7+ locations targeted
Setup Fee inclusive
USD 1650 billed monthly
Website Setup

Digital Clinic Setup

See Complete Feature List

Medical Services Covered377+
Patient's Locations Targeted377+
Meta Tags Creation5 Pages10 PagesSite Wide
Header Tag Optimization5 Pages10 PagesSite Wide
Image Optimization5 Pages10 PagesSite Wide
Clinic Map Listing On Google
Guaranteed Presence on Business Listing Sites (Yelp, FourSquare, etc...)51020
Technical Audit/Optimization
Custom 404 Page Setup & Optimization
Robots.txt & Google Bots Crawl Optimization
Creation & Registration of Sitemap.xml
Schema HTML tags optimization
Canonicalization & Domain Unification
Quarterly Webpage Freshness Audit & Optimization
Internal Linking Restructuring & Optimization
Duplicate Content Audit & Optimization
Video & Image Sitemap
Competition Activeness Audits
Content Marketing
Medical Articles Creation358
Medical Blog Posting358
Guest Posting/Medical Forums12
Medical Press Release12
Words Written30006000+10.000+
Social Media
Social Accounts Setup & Optimization for Practice
Social Accounts ManagedFB / Insta / GMBFB / Insta / GMBFB / Insta / GMB
Social Postings4812
Cover Image Update Frequency4 Yearly6 Yearly1 Monthly
Paid Media / Ads
No Agency Fee, Marketing Fee/budget requiredNo Agency Fee, Marketing Fee/budget requiredNo Agency Fee, Marketing Fee/budget required
Google Ads for Patient Enquiry
Facebook Ads for Lead Generation
Insta Ads for Aesthetics Medical Promotions
Team Involvement - Utilization Percentage
Account Manager25%40%50%
Healthcare SEO Expert100%200%300%
Medical Social Media Expert25%40%50%
Medical Content Writer100%150%200%
Creative Graphic Designer25%40%50%
Monthly Reporting
SEO Report
Social Media Report
Analytics Report
Media Ads Report
get started get started get started

Content Marketing

Content strategy is the key to the success of any marketing plan. It is even critical for any medical or healthcare business. Right content has the power to convince people even before they come to visit your clinic. We help you crafting content custom to your business, which bridges the gap between you and your patients. It should also be SEO focused.


Medical Domain Link Building

Your website for your clinic or healthcare business needs to have 'niche authority' to beat the local competition and get you more business share. Hence, the links you create for your website anywhere on the web should be relevant to your domain specialty. We help healthcare businesses build high-quality links and high authority websites.


Technical Medical SEO

Technical SEO for medical and healthcare websites ensures that your website fits both real and digital world visitors. Hence, your website should educate and engage real-time visitors and send the right signals to Search Engine algorithms like Google Bot. We help you create websites that are loved by regular visitors and ranked high by search engines.

How Can Our Medical Digital Marketing SEO Programs Help You?

In 2019, the United States spent about $11,100 per person on healthcare.

-The highest healthcare cost per capita across the OECD.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development,
OECD Health Statistics 2020, July 2020.

The US people spend around 20–25% of their annual income on healthcare and medical needs of their combined family needs. The healthcare was already a multi-billion industry by the end of the last year 2019.
The COVID crisis has changed the world forever, and so does the medical & healthcare needs of an individual and their families.

The healthcare and medical industry are about to see some off-the-chart growth changes in the coming years. The healthcare domain is expected to grow from $3.5 trillion in 2017 to $6 trillion by 2027.


Learn how our proven medical & healthcare focused digital marketing SEO programs can help you get the bigger piece of the cake from the pie.

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Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

The traditional advertising media has become obsolete. With the change in lifestyle and the onset of smartphones, people now prefer quick results. Today's users are information-driven. They have a lot of information at just the tap of a finger. That is why they reach out to the internet to resolve their every need, even when it comes to looking for healthcare services.

Research has shown that people first Google their symptoms and then search for good quality, recognized, and trusted healthcare service providers online. About 71% of internet users turn to digital media for healthcare service information. This is where digital marketing comes into the picture. It is all because of digital marketing solutions that people can find what they are looking for. Learn More

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to advertising your product and services through online media such as social media, email campaigns, blogs, search engines, and so on. It is the best way to endorse your content, products, services, and brands across the world. The Google marketing insights show that 48% of users use the search engine for accessing important information.

In present times, digital marketing has become an excellent communication channel. This is why healthcare digital marketing agencies are setting up business strategies to provide expert assistance to your medical business.

Reasons why medical digital marketing services are essential:

Digital marketing has successfully paved its way to healthcare service providers. Having an active digital marketing campaign has become crucial for the growth of medical service agencies.

As digital marketing is gaining popularity and success by the hour, here is why you need a professional healthcare digital agency to cover your marketing needs.

  • To become more visible online.
  • A healthcare digital marketing agency assists in becoming more visible to your audience. Even if you have a website on the internet, there is no guarantee that people can find you on the web easily.

    Being visible online means that you are at the top of the search engine result page. People are more likely to click on the first link they see. That is why your medical services should be at the top rank and also be able to convince the user to visit your website.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO services) help in doing the same. Top healthcare marketing agencies provide professional search engine optimization services.

    Medical SEO services providers give you the benefit of reaching the top by improving the quality of the content on your website, building useful backlinks, get more traffic, leads, sales, and more.

  • Improve chances of patient retention.
  • People nowadays prefer convenience and ease over inconvenience and timeliness. In this fast-paced world, you need to keep up with the race. With increased online visibility comes the responsibility of engaging and interacting with your potential patients. Internet users have an attention span of mere 10 seconds, which is why you need to be quick and responsive in dealing with your patients.

    Therefore, to increase the rate of patient retention, it is crucial to appoint a professional medical digital marketing company. Medical digital marketing service providers help you in conquering this milestone.

    The experienced marketers set up an online presence for your medical services and an online portal for your audience. Thus increasing the ease of access to medical information. Having a live chat option for catering to your patients' needs also helps. With instant responses, your patients can connect to you easily.

    This proves to be convenient for the patients, and they keep coming back to you to solve their medical problems. This also helps you in gaining more and more patients and online referrals.

  • Establishing direct communication with your patients.
  • Most people prefer to communicate directly to doctors. This makes them feel important and that their case is closely monitored. Research shows that websites with an easy CTC (click-to-call) facility are more likely to get a response from patients. This enables direct communication between you and your customers.

    A high-quality healthcare SEO services provider will always suggest ways to keep the communication lines open between you and your patient. SEO for healthcare providers has proved to be crucial to communicate with your customers and maintain report.

    The click-to-call facility gets you more conversions. People can contact you easily to find solutions to their problems, which converts searches to potential patients.

    According to the Search Engine Watch, the rate of CTC conversions is as high as 25% on google, and it also effectively saves the cost of display marketing.

  • Reduction in costs per patient acquisition (CPA).
  • The cost of reaching out to potential customers runs to hundreds and thousands of times your optimal budget. The traditional advertising media, including print and press, consume a lot of your budget while providing a minimum outcome.

    Therefore, healthcare digital marketing companies help in reducing these costs to half by running thriving digital campaigns. With digital marketing services, you can reach out to twice more patients at half the cost.

    Medical digital marketing service providers not only reduce the cost per patient acquisition but also increase the ROI (Return on Investment). This helps improve communication channels by reaching out to more patients and hence offers a positive impact on your business.

  • Assistance in specific targeting.
  • One of the benefits of choosing a healthcare digital agency for your marketing needs is that you can be specific with your targets. Every business has a list of target audiences that they want to cater to.

    Carefully analyzed and established digital marketing strategies can help you target your specific audience based on certain demographics like age, gender, status, geo-location, and much more. Keyword targeting is one of the most popular organic digital marketing strategies. Having professional help in doing so will get you targeted conversions.

    Patients with specific conditions can be targeted by the use of keywords and social media links. Plus, the cost reduction aspect is an added benefit.

  • Accessing the important data.
  • Online marketing for doctors opens the possibility of accessing and gathering primary data hands-on. You can easily access important data with the support of a healthcare digital marketing agency. They keep tabs on the user engagements on your site and social media pages. They also keep marketing campaigns running and monitor user engagement regularly.

    Another aspect of hiring a professional medical SEO agency is that they understand that the current market is data-driven. They provide useful information about potential as well as current patients, which helps your business journey to growth and prosperity.

    The direct communication channels can be visibly tracked in real-time, increasing the conversion ratio on your website and social media. This also helps in making hard-hitting decisions like target budget and marketing channels. You can make important decisions with this data hence reducing costs while attaining optimal results.

  • Improving patient experience.
  • The utilization of healthcare SEO services is a key factor in enhancing your patient's experience. The ease of accessibility of your business is what improves the patient experience. It saves them from a lot of stress, and it is easier to connect your brand with your users in a better way.

    Digital marketing strategies ensure smooth navigation, which enhances the patient experience and gives a fruitful result for your business in the form of more conversions.

    Also, digital marketing and SEO tools help in tracking the user experience. Healthcare digital marketing companies set up a feedback system to track the patients' experience. Positive reviews improve the image of your business while the less positive reviews are something that you can work on. This is all a part of improving the customers' experience.

  • Gaining a competitive advantage.

Hiring a healthcare digital marketing company gives you an upper hand in the marketing game.

Information is valuable; reaching out to your patients and convincing them to use your medical facility instead of your competitor's is vital. This gives you a competitive edge.

Top healthcare marketing agencies carry a well-evaluated program that lets you reach your potential patients faster than your competitors. Connecting and engaging with your customers is easy via digital marketing strategies.

Now that you know the importance of digital marketing services for doctors, the question arises, how do you choose the right healthcare digital marketing agency for you?

What makes a healthcare SEO services provider stand out?

Choosing a healthcare digital marketing services provider is a tough job; therefore, you should look out for the following main aspects:

  • They should have in-depth knowledge of healthcare industries.
  • The medical digital marketing company that you pick should have in-depth knowledge of the industry they are offering services for. They should be familiar with the digital transitions taking place and must be aware of the technological advancements happening in the present world.

  • They should have long-term marketing programs.
  • For your website to prosper, you must pick a medical SEO services provider that is in it for the long-haul. If your agency bails before your ranking can take a hit, then there will be dire consequences to face.

  • It should be a recognized agency.
  • Many healthcare SEO services agencies tend to provide top-rated digital marketing solutions, but the one you pick should be recognized among the industry. Check out customer testimonials and reviews before investing. The agency should be large enough to provide an effective outcome.

  • They should provide a cohesive marketing plan.
  • Many agencies offer digital marketing services like SEO, social media optimization, and so on; however, a professional healthcare digital marketing company provides a full-fledged marketing plan including pay per click (PPC services), content marketing, website setup, lead generation, and a lot more.

  • They should have updated trends knowledge.
  • In this ever-changing digital world, your healthcare digital marketing agency should know how to roll with the current trends and also should be able to forecast the upcoming trends.

    This will keep you ahead in the marketing industry and guarantee amazing results.

  • They should assist in building trust.
  • The healthcare industry operates largely on trust and reliability. It would help if you made sure that the patients trust you with their healthcare needs and keep coming back.

    Therefore, gaining your patients' trust and enhancing their online experience is what will keep you in the medical field for a long time.

    Your healthcare SEO services provider should be such that they help you in building customer trust by providing a reliable customer experience and proving expertise through testimonials content and reviews.

  • They should be able to deliver a return on your investment.
  • It is important to find a medical digital marketing agency that can deliver real and concrete results and not just false promises.

    Professional medical SEO services providers offer visible results to all your campaigns. Within six months of partnership, you should be able to see key results in the form of well-performing media campaigns, increased conversion rates, decreased bounce rates, and more traffic.

  • They should be able to implement full-marketing mix strategies.

The healthcare digital agency you choose must be able to create and execute all the evaluated digital marketing strategies effectively. From social media to websites to guests posts to backlinks, they should provide both inbound and outbound marketing services.

This will keep you growing and running in future times as well.

Selecting the best medical digital marketing services agency, like Xenelsoft, depends on the services and programs that they offer. The services should essentially match your requirements. The agency should also be free from suspicions and have a well-trained team of digital media consultants.

Check out our diverse range of services that are custom made for every individual healthcare service provider.

Services we offer as a medical digital marketing services agency:

XenelSoft is an expert digital media agency aiding all your digital needs for your business. With over five years of experience, our talented and well-trained team of digital consultants has been serving customers successfully. We offer well evaluated digital media strategies that provide concrete results.

Promote your brand with our medical digital marketing services, which include:

  • Content marketing
  • Content is king. This is the new mantra of every marketing strategy.

    As this mantra holds true, XenelSoft offers tailor-made content marketing services catering to your custom marketing needs.

    Content is an easy way of convincing people to consider your services even before trying them out. The right type of targeted content marketing strategies can help you in converting searches to patients.

    We offer thoroughly analyzed and concrete content marketing strategies for your healthcare services. Also, our experts provide professional SEO focused content for more organic results without getting you in trouble. We do not indulge in black-hat healthcare digital marketing services, which will help you in avoiding lawsuits.

  • Technical medical SEO
  • Our healthcare SEO services aid you in engaging with your potential patients and attracting new ones. With our team of healthcare SEO service providers, you can be confident that your website will rank the highest on the search engines.

    We ensure giving the right signal to the search engine bots and attaining a higher ranking. Once you are at the top, you can be sure to receive a strong response from your patients.

  • Medical domain link building
  • The creation of backlinks is crucial to a successful digital marketing strategy. Inbound links from guest blogs, social media platforms, search engines, and so on help create a digital web for your patients to crawl in.

    If attached to landing pages, these links bring your potential patients right where they need to be. The landing page is where you get the customer hooked. An attractive landing page provides all the required information to the user.

    XenelSoft, the best healthcare SEO services provider, excels in building useful backlinks right to the domain of your website with the help of our well trained digital marketing and SEO experts. Beat the local competition and gain your business share. We help you in building high-quality links on the web.

  • Online advertising:
  • Other than the organic SEO services, we also provide paid online advertising. Non-organic or paid online marketing for doctors is a great way of reaching your target audience. We help you in doing so.

    If you are looking for the top healthcare SEO agency, then Xenelsoft is a perfect pick for you. Our PPC experts help you in managing your paid campaigns online. For a quick boost for your business, online advertising campaigning is the best strategy.

    Boost your brand awareness and contact your target audience at the lowest cost possible. You only need to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

    Healthcare digital marketing agencies like XenelSoft use a bunch of digital marketing tools for creating and running successful online advertising campaigns. Get a load of leads and convert them into sales with us.

    Healthcare digital marketing agencies like XenelSoft use a bunch of digital marketing tools for creating and running successful online advertising campaigns. Get a load of leads and convert them into sales with us.

  • Social media marketing:

Are you looking for the best healthcare social media agency? If yes, then Xenelsoft is the right spot for you.

Hiring our healthcare social media agency will help you in standing out among the rest. Many businesses are now flourishing with effective social media campaign strategies. Hence, we assist you in creating a powerful and influencing social media presence and targeting your potential patients.

According to research, 40% of consumers receive important information via social media platforms. With the growing influence of social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, you must have an attractive social media presence.

We help you in educating your patients and providing them with important information regarding your business.

SEO programs we offer as a physician digital marketing agency:

As a leading medical SEO agency, we have customized distinct healthcare digital marketing services programs to suit individual customer needs.

  • Push:This program is for new healthcare service providers featuring digital setup and brand awareness.
  • Powerful:If you are a medical practitioner with 1-3 years of experience, this program is for you. It offers services like increasing fan base and visibility, getting leads, or more patients.
  • Game changer: This program is for professional practitioners with experience of more than three years. We provide a digital clinic setup with massive branding, increased leads and patients, social media optimization, and search and email marketing.

How can our healthcare SEO service and medical digital marketing programs help you?

Since the Covid era has revolutionized the field of medical health facilities, owning a healthcare website has become vital for your patients to reach you conveniently.

For this, you require major top-rated medical SEO and healthcare marketing services to your aid.

Our programs offer distinct features for every type of practitioner. From beginner to professional, we provide services to everyone. You can always upgrade from one program to the other.

The programs we offer:

  • Social media optimization
  • Website design & developnment
  • Google map business setup and optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Online Reputartion Management
  • Google AdWords setup

Find out which program is the best for you.

As a trusted healthcare digital marketing company, we indulge in white-hat SEO services that give concrete organic results. It takes time, but the outcome is always worth the wait.

SEO services is a long term investment with a high return. We understand how costly medical digital marketing services can be; therefore, our programs will help you make a wise decision based on your financial capacity. It will help in cutting irrelevant costs and invest in what's important.

With a starting rate of $750, billed monthly, and a $1000 free set up, we ensure that you get the best results without breaking your bank account.

We aspire to increase your engagement rate, decrease the bounce rate and get more and more conversions on your site.

Research has pointed out that medical practitioners are spending progressively on healthcare digital marketing service providers. People are understanding the necessity of online marketing for doctors.

With these changing times, you must hop on the digital marketing express and hire the best healthcare SEO agency.

Contact us today to get started with your digital marketing campaign and increase your brand awareness.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Digital Marketing Program

SEO is a late bloomer; consider it as your long-term investment. In an ideal situation, SEO takes about 3 to 6 months to generate results. However, SEO results also depend on the business's nature, keyword competitiveness, your website, and your competitors. The Real compounding benefits start after 9 months, a year, a year and a half – but we often say 6-9 months, you will begin noticing more massive leads flow and phone calls than ever before.
No, not at all. A powerful medical digital marketing strategy needs about 6-12 months to generate maximum results. We advise our customers to plan for long-term medical SEO. It has been observed that customers who opted for a more extended period have noticed up to 300% increase in their sales through our healthcare SEO programs.
Our medical SEO starter program starts at $750, billed monthly with a $1,000 one-time setup fee. That said, we benchmark the engagement stats of the first year of your medical SEO program and set your company on to the path of growth accordingly. We hope to increase the investment if we can at least 15X or 20X of what you invest in your medical digital marketing plans yearly.
Like any other kind of DIgital Marketing, XenelSoft, as a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency, starts by understanding the business we are to represent, in this case, healthcare professionals. It is imperative that we know right and the beginning all your strengths and weaknesses, the key points of interest of your services, your goals and aspirations, and the kind of audience you want to target.

Only when all this information is gathered and researched can the next steps of planning, generating topics, creating content, publishing, and distributing take place. Healthcare cannot be treated as most businesses are since the goals of healthcare professions go beyond profit generation and are more about helping people, so the whole marketing process is executed with this in mind.
If you thought that as an already practicing Physician Digital Marketing is not needed in your life, think again. Today, most people rely on internet searches to research and find any product or service they may need, including healthcare services. By having a strong online presence and marketing what you do, you shall enable more patients to find you and yourself to help them as a doctor.

Your online presence will get more patients to see you and help your patients understand you and your work ethic better, which will build trust and credibility and make them feel safer as your patients, all of which we at XenelSoft can help you with.

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