Female Fertility Calculator – Ovulation Calculator

Many women are curious about their fertile calendar, especially if the woman and her partner plan to have children. You certainly know, that not all intimate relationships at all times can provide the desired results, which makes a woman pregnant or have children. Therefore, if you are a woman, you need to check your fertility period by using a fertility calendar or a woman’s fertility calendar.

Actually, calculating the fertility period by using a manual fertility calendar can be one way to determine when the right time to have sex in order to get offspring. However, the manual fertility calendar requires carefulness of someone who is calculating the fertile period and must be diligent to mark the fertile period every month.

Therefore, one alternative to replace the function of the fertile calendar is to use a woman’s fertility calendar. Below, you can use a woman’s fertility calculator which is also equipped with a calendar of fertility. Very complete is not it?

How to use the fertile period calculator below is also very easy. Therefore, please use the calculator below to estimate the fertility period of a woman to plan a pregnancy.

Female Fertility Calculator

If you want to have children, this fertility calculator will really help you determine when the right time for you to have sex with your husband. Moreover, it can also be used to the contrary if you do not want to have children by avoiding having sex when ovulation occurs because the possibility of pregnancy when ovulation occurs is very high. Because this calculator is accompanied by a calendar of fertile periods.

Your condition will be very fertile the day before and after ovulation. Ovulation is an egg release event that indicates that a woman is in her fertile period, and has a high tendency to potentially have offspring.

However, keep in mind that sperm have the endurance for up to 7 days. So sometimes pregnancy does not occur directly on the same day. Most importantly, if you want to have offspring, you and your partner must plan to have sex while in the fertile period.

In general, one menstrual cycle or “menstruation” is 28 days. Even so, in some women, the duration can vary from 22 days to 36 that depends on many variables (activity, type of food, physical and psychological condition).

Menstrual cycles are counted from the first day to one day before the next menstruation. For example, menstruation occurs on October 1, 2019, and menstruation the following month is October 29, 2019, it means your menstrual cycle for 28 days. But if your menstruation does not have the right length of cycle, it helps you try to observe it for 3 months and take your average menstrual cycle.

This woman’s fertility calculator is also equipped with predictions when you will give birth if you have sex during ovulation. Pregnancy planning using a fertile period calculator provides the results of a complete analysis.

However, however, keep in mind this calculator is only a suggestion of technical calculations in general so that sometimes the results are different from reality. It doesn’t hurt to try, but the actual results might be different for each of the female fertility calculator users.

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