5 Pose Spoiled Aaliyah Massaid Hold Hair, Sex Does Not Fade!

AWARE no, if it turns out that Aaliyah Massad has a mainstay style of holding the hair while posing spoiled. He really always pay attention to his appearance, so that he doesn’t fade.

The woman who is rumored to be close to Dul Jaelani has a very sexy style. Every day, Aaliyah Massad is also good at matching various outfit models.

Okezone will summarize the five sexy poses of Aaliyah Massaid while holding her hair. Let’s first review the following review, written Thursday (9/19/2019).

Wrapped in a white dress, Aaliyah Massaid appeared sweet

Set in the resort with a view of a beautiful flower garden, Aaliyah Massaid, Reza Artamevia’s daughter appeared sweet. He wore a simple white dress while holding his hair. See his smile also makes focus fail.

This is Aaliyah Massaid’s cool style on the MRT

Duh, when I ride the MRT around Jakarta, Aaliyah Massaid’s style is still stunning. The mainstay is he still likes to hold his beautiful hair. The outfit worn by Aaliyah Massad was also cool, in a black leather jacket combined with a transparent blouse.

Sleeping spoiled in the sun while holding your hair

Aaliyah Massaid still poses spoiled while holding her hair. On a lazy chair, this 17-year-old girl lies spoiled, while wearing a white t-shirt. A touch of natural look makeup with a sunkissed concept also makes her face brighter.

After playing Jetski, I still hold my hair

Geez, I don’t understand anymore with Aaliyah Massaid’s habit of holding the hair while taking photos. The proof after playing Jetski on the beach, the singer of “Repeat” is still holding his wet hair. His face is also still bright and sweet portrait makes smitten.

Stylish with the super elegant jumpsuit

Choosing a jumpsuit from the Tory Burch fashion house, Aaliyah Massaid’s style is more elegant. Feel her hair is good, no wonder that her hair is still being held. Still beautiful she is

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